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Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a secluded spot wedged between two mystical mountains rich in folklores. It is a place blessed with nature’s invigorating gifts of water, flowers, trees, and inspiring scenery.

Located some 75 kilometers South of Manila

Its main feature is a body of waterfalls, natural spring and pools. Be ready to dip in the cool waters, constantly flowing from the mountaintop, said to be rainfall accumulated through the years. There is also a warm, natural spring pool and a soda pool. Swim in all or take your pick.

I was there on January 2005, using a car from Manila 2 hours journey. The place is covered by big tree, the one I remembered is all green and water. Water surrounded this place, also all green trees. Because of the way to go there is going down and quite deep, s it was called ‘hidden’.

There’s many warm pool there, because the hot springs. And also have a soda water pool.

I went along to the forest to see the hidden water falls, just pay attention on your foot because very slippery and also watch out for snake. The place is not far from the pool site. There’s a person will guide u to the forest to see the hidden waterfalls.

I enjoyed swimming there, with the sands covering the bottom of the pool. Many flowers surrounded this place.

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