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Pacujawi (Cow Race)

Pacujawi (Cow Race). 10 Best Collections

Pacujawi, Pacu = Race. Jawi = Cow, so in English meaning is Cow Race. This traditional culture game starte about several hundred years ago. Initially is  activity that farmer do after they finish their paddys session. This activity is also become an attraction between the farmers and visitors.

This attraction now become a competition in Tanah Datar, Padang. West Sumatera.

The jockey is  riding a pair of cow while holding the cow’s tile. In order for a cow can run with racing, in order for the cow can run fast, sometimes the jockey had to bite the cow’s tail, the winner is which one that can run straight to the end.

When I was there, I quite amaze with how the Jockey take care of their cows, after each race that full of mud, the Jockey will clean the cow before the next racing. Before the attraction also they do the praying ceremony first.

Special thanks to Rarindra Prakarsa and Steve Chong, also Ikhsan Santana and the Tour Team member.


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