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Boracay is a tropical island that is one hour flight time south of Manila, Philippines. The island has more than 30 beaches, foremost of which is a four-kilometer stretch of pure white sand called White Beach. White Beach is widely considered by international travel publications to be among the world’s best beaches.

Boracay is a tropical island that is one hour flight time south of Manila. The island has more than 30 beaches, foremost of which is a four-kilometer stretch of pure white sand called White Beach. White Beach is widely considered by international travel publications to be among the world’s best beaches

I was there in October 2004 for only 3 days. I took flight from Manila to Kalibo. It is about 45 minutes flight. Using Philippines Airlines.

The Journey to the island is quite difficult, after reach Kalibo, then I took a Jeepney to Caticlan (2 hours). Then from Caticlan took a boat to reach the island, it’s about 20 minutes boat journey.

I book the hotel from Internet, there’s many hotels there, the hotel person will pick you up from the airport to the Island. But the way to go there is quite long time. I started around 2pm from Manila then reach there about 8pm in the night, because must use Jeepney then also use a boat.

I started explore Boracay during night time, many restaurants there, I tried some local food there. I tried many satay from the sea, like fish ball, calamari, prawn, small fish.

The water here is very clean and really nice for someone like snorkeling. There’s also a St. Marry statue in the beach.

Like other beaches you will see many tattoo’s maker, bars and caf? along the street.

Walking along the beach in the early morning can get many interesting view. The sky, people fishing, beach boy preparing the boat and etc?


Boracay has more than ten distinctive beaches nestled in coves around the island. All of them feature the same powdery white sand that has made the island famous around the world. By far, the most popular beach is a four kilometer stretch called White Beach.

    • White BeachOn the west coast of the island between the villages of Angol and Balabag, this legendary stretch of white sand remains cool even on the hottest days. A relaxed atmosphere pervades the resorts, restaurants, bars, discos, and stores that line the entire stretch. It’s the best spot for sunbathing or simply hanging out.The daily sunsets are a Boracay highlight. People stroll along the shore, take a final dip in the pristine waters, or sip cocktails while taking in the scenery. Some indulge in a spontaneous beach volleyball game in the late afternoon daylight.


    • Puka BeachOn the North coast, facing Carabao Island, lies YAPAK BEACH or also called PUKA SHELL BEACH (left), with 800 meters the second largest beach of Boracay. Puka Shell beach was made famous by the shiny white Puka shells; the rage in the fashion jewelry in the 70?s and early 80?s. Collecting these shells was the first industry of the island. Today one can still find remnants of the mounds of Puka shells that were washed ashore and bleached centuries ago. Puka shell beach is a favorite destination of tourists who take a boat ride around the island. Puka Shell beach can be reached by hiking, mountain biking, motorbikes and tricycles. Near the beach, towards the village of Yapac, small eateries offer cold drinks and often the catch of the day for lunch.To the north of the White Beach sits the little village of Din-iwid with its 200 meter-long DINIWID BEACH (right). Accessible from the White Beach via a path hewn out of the cliffs, Diniwid serves as picnic and snorkeling grounds for the more adventurous tourists. Simple cottages and bamboo houses with individualistic designs, some with fully equipped kitchens, are comfortably perched on the rocky hillside.Tiny BALINGHAI BEACH , enclosed by craggy walls of rock is a hideaway for those who prefer quiet and solitude. Scattered over the hill are cottages. Balinghai Beach is also perfect for snorkelling, as further out in the sea there is a coral garden. A resort on the cliff above the beach offers drinks and food in a funny way!


  • Other BeachesTo the North of the White Beach, a very short uphill climb North from Punta Bunga, is BUNYAGAN BEACH , another secluded strip of white sand. Beyond it stand widely spaced coconut trees and flat land, ideal for picnics. At the northeast side of Boracay, ILIG-ILIGAN BEACH offers coves and caves as well as jungle with plenty fruit bats hanging in the trees. Ilig-Iligan Beach is accessible by motorbike, tricycle or bicycle and, depending on the weather, by boat.The seas are sometimes rough during the northeast monsoon, but during the southwest monsoon, the waters are calm and clear. At this time, marine life enthusiasts can snorkel or take diving trips farther out to sea.BULABOG BEACH comes alive during the early months of each year when windsurfers skim through its waters. Amateurs and professionals take advantage of the strong winds as they race from one end to the other, truly a windsurfer’s paradise. The Boracay International Funboard Cup (left) has been held here since 1988 and is now a leg of the Asian Windusrfing Tour.At the southern end of the island, CAGBAN BEACH offers quietness and relaxation, away from the busting action on the White Beach. A good place also for treasure hunting: Cagban means cave or chest and it?s said that several treasure chests are still lying buried in the sand or in surrounding caves?

    MANOC-MANOC BEACH, the southernmost beach and village (Manoc-Manoc translates Chicken-Chicken), offers a spectacular view over the channel to Caticlan, the most western point of Panay Island. Experienced windsurfers can be seen racing with the strong winds and strong currents (up to 6 knots) in the channel.

Hidden Valley is a secluded spot wedged between two mystical mountains rich in folklores. It is a place blessed with nature’s invigorating gifts of water, flowers, trees, and inspiring scenery.

Located some 75 kilometers South of Manila

Its main feature is a body of waterfalls, natural spring and pools. Be ready to dip in the cool waters, constantly flowing from the mountaintop, said to be rainfall accumulated through the years. There is also a warm, natural spring pool and a soda pool. Swim in all or take your pick.

I was there on January 2005, using a car from Manila 2 hours journey. The place is covered by big tree, the one I remembered is all green and water. Water surrounded this place, also all green trees. Because of the way to go there is going down and quite deep, s it was called ‘hidden’.

There’s many warm pool there, because the hot springs. And also have a soda water pool.

I went along to the forest to see the hidden water falls, just pay attention on your foot because very slippery and also watch out for snake. The place is not far from the pool site. There’s a person will guide u to the forest to see the hidden waterfalls.

I enjoyed swimming there, with the sands covering the bottom of the pool. Many flowers surrounded this place.

Pacujawi (Cow Race). 10 Best Collections

Pacujawi, Pacu = Race. Jawi = Cow, so in English meaning is Cow Race. This traditional culture game starte about several hundred years ago. Initially is  activity that farmer do after they finish their paddys session. This activity is also become an attraction between the farmers and visitors.

This attraction now become a competition in Tanah Datar, Padang. West Sumatera.

The jockey is  riding a pair of cow while holding the cow’s tile. In order for a cow can run with racing, in order for the cow can run fast, sometimes the jockey had to bite the cow’s tail, the winner is which one that can run straight to the end.

When I was there, I quite amaze with how the Jockey take care of their cows, after each race that full of mud, the Jockey will clean the cow before the next racing. Before the attraction also they do the praying ceremony first.

Special thanks to Rarindra Prakarsa and Steve Chong, also Ikhsan Santana and the Tour Team member.


Padang Panjang. West Sumatra. Indonesia

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