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This morning when I was in train, I was reading a news about 25 Dolphins that will be placed in Marine life Park, RWS Singapore, I know there are some people will agree about it and some people will not support this.

The Key solving all our environmental problems is to control our desire” said Mr O’Barry.

I really like that words and I think many of us need to think about our earth.

There’s will be many arguments like this below:

“if we are human not take care of the dolphins, our future generation maybe will not see them”

“We believe that that dolphins will play significant and meaningful role for marine conservation”

In the other site, some people can say also:

“We will cut the life circle of the marine life, human is not the part of their life circle”

“Human studies about dolphins life, for human purpose not for the benefit of the dolphins”


I still remember how I feel when I visited Bohol, Philippines on year 2004-2005.

I come to Pamilacan Island in Bohol to see them in nature, in the sea. I met  Mr Joselino “Jojo” S. Baritua for this dolphin watching.

I started the journey around 5am in the morning. We took the Banca Forest boat to see the Dolphins.

The first time I saw this BancaLorest, I was a bit worried, with this small board I will go to the sea to search dolphins. But when I sit and starting the journey, I quite enjoy this boat.

It took about 2 hours time for us to see the first dolphin. They were swimming in the groups, catching the fish. The first time seeing I only can say how lucky am I,  can see they are ‘live’. I was with them with about 100-500 meters away. I was enjoying the view seeing how smart are they. They made 2 groups of them, swimming quite fast from the left side and the also the right side. I was in the middle of this scene. That’s the way they catch the small fish. all the fish was running away because the dolphins try catch them, but they were not realize that in the other side another group of dolphins doing the same things. when the 2 group met in the middle, all the fish being trapped, and the dolphins were easily catch them.  In that time some dolphins were jumping to catch the flying fish. That’s a great moment for us to see.

I really enjoy that journey, and happy because we only watching them, we were not feeding them, we seeing them in their nature life.

I really want to be close with the dolphins, I want to touch them, want to swim with them, but that time I learn 1 thing from the boatman, they told me that they don’t want to disturb the dolphins, so they keep the distance. Let they enjoy their life and we not disturb they life.
I still can use my zoom lens to take their photos, and I was really enjoying that moment.

In the other time I also visited Subic in Philippines, I can see dolphins within 20-100 meters, but I did not feel there’s a life there. I only can see the show that was make for human purpose. Yes we can see them closely, we can swim with them, but that’s all is for our desire’ we are happy swimming with them but how the dolphins feel about that? as Mr O’Barry said.

As O’Barry said in “The Key solving all our environmental problems is to control our desire”. We are human, we can control our self, we have brain and feeling to know what’s the best for dolphins.

Don’t make us to become a ‘God’ of them, we say “we know better to save their life”.
But remember, and I still believe in God that created this world and us, He will take care of them and let them enjoy their life circle without human interference.

I was happy that I met Mr Jojo,  he found this program to see dolphins and providing another alternative for the fisherman life. Now this Pamilacan Island is one of the tourist spot in Bohol, and people can see dolphins in their life environment.

Mr Jojo is one of the people that care of environment, maybe we will say only 1 person is difficult to change the world, like he is throwing the salt into the sea, it’s useless.  but at least when he throw 1 spoon of salt to the sea, he has made a changes even only a spoon.
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I got the respond from Oribel Divine who is an interspecies communicator,  a few hour after this post was published.
And here is the communication between Oribel and Danielle 1 of the 25 Dolphins.


This is Danielle’s message, recorded verbatim:

” It seems like a long time ago.  We were playing at one of our favourite spots at home, in the water.  The young ones are with us.  They look to me as their nanny.  I’m young, like I told you before.  But I am good with the young ones.  I have patience and enjoy their company.

Then that dreadful thing happened.  People suddenly were chasing us.  Motorboats, nets, it was really noisy and the young ones couldn’t swim as fast as me and the others.  I went back for them to help them and I too got caught with the rest.  I have no regrets as I needed to be with them to assure them that all is okay.

Our families were too far away.  They heard our distress calls but there was nothing they could do.  We sent our message to them telepathically.  We were hurled into trucks.  It was a very uncomfortable ride.  They didn’t treat us nicely.  We shouted at them to release us back into the ocean, the water, but of course it was fruitless, they didn’t understand us.  We didn’t like what was happening.  I needed to be with the young ones to help support them; to help encourage them.

Time passed.  The journey was arduous. We were transferred to another carrier and off again we went.  This took place some more times and then we found ourselves in water again, this you call Subic Bay.

The people are nice. But we want to go home.  We don’t care much for what they are offering us.  Accommodation within just the bay and dead fish.  Some of the young ones are still confuse why they are not able to leave the bay and return to the open oceans.  Each day we talk to our parents and our family and friends to let them know that we are still alive but we want to go back to them.

My family did tell me about dolphins being captured and then being trained for entertainment for humans.  This is not what we want.  This is not natural.  Living in the ocean is natural to us.  Living and swimming to anywhere in the oceans is the natural way of being for a dolphin.  I’m sad for the young ones who have not experience being a true dolphin yet.  There’s so much that all of us want to experience still.  There’s so much to discover about the oceans.  There are so many stories our parents want to share with us and we are so looking forward to that experience but now we can’t.  I know there’s so much my mother wants to share with me and now I can’t experience that.  There are so many beautiful things in the oceans we can experience but we can’t now.  We cannot be who we are.  This is sad and ridiculous all at the same time.

I know that there’s work to be done but I have yet to find out what exactly that my mother wants me to know.  The way of a dolphin, how to bring up a calf, how to make a home, how to care for the young.  We work as a community.  When anyone needs help, we are there to help.  We are always there for each other. ”


” Like I said, the humans here at Subic Bay are treating us fine but we don’t want what they have to offer.  We were happy in the oceans and the oceans is where we want to be right now.  I know from what you’ve told us there are many humans who are fighting the authorities to let us free and we truly appreciate their efforts and I am asking for them not to give up on us.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.  Our parents and friends are grateful for this.  Pls. let the humans know.  Please.

It is very boring here Oribel.  There’s nothing much to do other than taking instructions from the people who are training us.  We do the same things over and over again.

We do lots of synchronize jumping and swimming.  We don’t like the fish they are feeding us but we have no choice.  We miss chasing and eating our fishes.  We miss chasing one another and other sea creatures in the ocean.  The Ocean is our playground and our home.   We so miss home.

Sometimes when I talk to my mother I cannot help but share with her how miserable I am even though I don’t want her to worry too much.

Not all dolphins are healers. ”


That conversation you can see from Oribel Divine website:




  • Oribel Divine - October 4, 2011 - 5:52 am

    Dear David,
    Thank you for writing this article. I know that it came from the heart. I too feel the same way about dolphins and for that matter all life forms. I feel that it is a given for humans to care for the earth and the environment, but most importantly it is time that we care for its inhabitants too. And the key in doing this is to honour and respect all forms of life and to treat them as equal. As long as humans feel that they are the highest form of life on earth, they want to have control of others who they deem are not.
    I am in communication with one of the 25 captive dolphins. Her name is Danielle. The dolphins have friends, families and live in communicites….just like humans too. They are highly conscious beings. They also know that their state of being will affect the waters that surround them. If you are interested to read more about my communication with Danielle, here is the URL to a blog on a website that I created in July of this year.


The landscape in the Mulan Weichang (木兰围场), which locates at 450 kilometers northeast to Beijing, is the most beautiful. There are 1658 square kilometers covered with forest or grassland. The altitude here is 1500-2000 meters.

Bashang, located in Fengning County, Hebei Province, consists of three parts: Baxia, Jieba and Bashang. In summer the weather is cool. One ca see wild flowers everywhere, and in winter, the area is covered withe snow

Bashang, bordering on the Inner Mongolia Plateau and located at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains, is four kilometers north of Datan and 87 km northwest of the county seat of Fengning. Since ancient times it has been a pasture for Mongolian herders. Fengning is rich in grassland resources, with 7.62 million mu (one mu is equivalent to 0.067 hectare) of pasture land, including 600,000 mu of artificial pastures and fenced pastures.


Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple of ancient Java, and the construction of this royal temple was probably started by Rakai Pikatan as the Hindu Sanjaya Dynasty’s answer to the Buddhist Sailendra Dynasty’s Borobudur and Sewu temples nearby. Historians suggest that the construction of Prambanan probably was meant to mark the return of the Hindu Sanjaya Dynasty to power in Central Java after almost a century of Buddhist Sailendra Dynasty domination. Nevertheless, the construction of this massive Hindu temple signifies that the Medang court had shifted the focus of its patronage from Mahayana Buddhism to Shivaist Hinduism.
A temple was first built at the site around 850 CE by Rakai Pikatan and expanded extensively by King Lokapala and Balitung Maha Sambu the Sanjaya king of the Mataram Kingdom. According to the Shivagrha inscription of 856 CE, the temple was built to honor Lord Shiva and its original name was Shiva-grha (the House of Shiva) or Shiva-laya (the Realm of Shiva). Indeed, some archaeologists propose that the statue of Shiva in the garbhagriha (central chamber) of the main temple is modelled after King Balitung, serving as a depiction of his deified self after death.The present name Prambanan, was derived from the name of Prambanan village where the temple stood, this name probably being the corrupted Javanese pronunciation of “Para Brahman” (“of the brahmins”), doubtless an echo its heyday when the temple was filled with great numbers of brahmins.
The temple compound was expanded by successive Mataram kings such as Daksa and Tulodong with the addition of hundreds of perwara temples around the chief temple. Prambanan served as the royal temple of the Hindu Kingdom of Mataram, with most of the state’s religious ceremonies and sacrifices being conducted there. At the height of the Mataram kingdom, scholars estimate that hundreds of brahmins with their disciples lived within the outer wall of the temple compound. The urban center and the court of Mataram were located nearby, somewhere in the Prambanan Plain.

More information please visit this website:

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